Terms and Conditions

Press Accreditation
and Coverage

  • Rekhta defines Media as Print & Digital Press, Press Agency, Audiovisual Press Agency, Press Photographer, Television and Radio.
  • Registration is mandatory. Please fill in the Media Registration form at the venue (media kiosk) and attach your business card with it to collect the MEDIA badges (for print and TV media)
  • Bloggers to collect their ‘BLOGGER’ badge after filling the accreditation form at the media desk.
  • Requests must be limited to 3 accreditations per media house.
  • There are no seat reservations for media at any session. Entry and seating at session venues is on a first-come basis.
  • Media Passes will only be issued once and these are non-transferable and duplicates will not be issued.
  • Prior permission to record various sessions at the festival will have to be sought from Rekhta. Given space constraints, the organizer cannot commit space for the camera set up at the venue, however roaming cameras to cover various elements at the festival are free to do so.
  • All electronic recording or taping of the official events is specifically for the use of Entertainment/ news media only. No selling of content / images taken at the festival is permitted. No live-streaming and/or Pay-Per-View servicing is permitted. Any documentation of events used in any other capacity will be of unlawful use unless agreed to by the organizer.
  • The telecast and broadcast rights remain with Rekhta and it also holds copyright to the content produced.
  • Given time constraints, interaction requests with the artists are being taken and closed before the event. Please connect with [email protected] with your requests. A confirmation email will be sent post approval.
  • Photographs of the event or of the artists participating at the festival, if used, have to credit Jashn-e- Rekhta 2017 as source.